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First Week: 16 September - 20 September 2013

All of the information that you need to enjoy First Week is available here. Browse our easy to use A – Z index to find your course and First Week activities.

Undergraduate Programmes

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Combined Honours

If you are studying one subject alongside another as part of a Combined Honours programme you will need to attend a different welcome event. Please view the Combined Honours First Week details page to find out about this.

Postgraduate Programmes

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How to use the First Week calendars

To find out about your First Week induction events, use the A - Z index to find your programme (using the separate index for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes), then follow the view First Week calendar link next to its name. This will take you to a set of interlinked pages covering the activities for that programme for each day of the week. Students from more than one programme may have the same first week activities, so a list of the programmes covered by that calendar is also included at the foot of each calendar page.

Please consult every page of your programme's calendar to be sure that you know what to do and when. Your programme may not require you to attend induction events on every day, so some days might be marked as free. You should also look at the What's On? section of this web site for a calendar of the First Week Social Events and Entertainment. These take place throughout First Week and are for you to enjoy and participate in when you are not involved in your programme's induction events.

Please note that the First Week web site will be added to and updated continually, so if the information you are looking for is not there at your first visit, please revisit the site again.

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